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Fic: Blame it on the popcorn (1/2)

Title: Blame it on the popcorn (1/2)
Author: ravensilverwing
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Ronon/Rodney/John
Words this part: 2722
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Movie night with popcorn, snark and sex.
Warning: Threesome. PWP.
Author's Notes: Started out innocent, Ronon got distracted, John felt left out. Smut ensued.
Disclaimer: Don't own the rights. No harm intended. No money made.
Cross posted. Sorry if you get repeats.

“Is this a problem?” Ronon was demanding now.

A deep breath, long pause.

“No.” At last. Quiet. Calm. “Just unexpected. Sorry. Sorry I just...”
“Didn’t expect it?” Rodney tried helping.
Nodding sounds.
“Yeah.” Soft, quiet.
Then a hand sliding and...and that wasn’t Ronon.
“I’d just hoped...”
Rubbing up his thigh.
“Was hoping you shared sex better than food.”

Part One
It was late. Atlantis was hushed, almost quiet. Voices around corners, never behind closed doors. Endless hallways with columns of water, bubbles muted. If he’d been with Sheppard they’d have changed colours. Subtle shifts from blue to green to yellow. Nothing flashy, just Atlantis showing off for John. But John wasn’t here, was off terrorising marines. Probably, hopefully, who was he kidding he had no idea where he was. Other than not here. Not with Rodney. Not talking to Rodney.

Not that they were fighting. No. If anything things were going quite well at the moment. No stupid, useless, waste of time missions. No equally pointless training regime. Just pure science and endless possibilities. Maybe even a new idea that was sure to win him a Nobel Prize. Eventually. When the program finally got declassified. If it ever got declassified. Annoyed sigh.

And there was that L word he refused to even think. He wasn’t alone so he couldn’t possibly be the L word. The L word was for places like Russia. Isolated in a lab, half freezing to death, eating cold stroganoff from a tiny restaurant, three snow covered blocks away. Which was probably rat infested and responsible for that horrible week he’d spent trapped in the bathroom unable to lift his head from the toilet bowl. That, that was the epitome of the L word.

“There you are.”

That sounded and quick glance up from his data pad, looked like Ronon.

“Yes. Here I am. How about that? I’m here working, saving us all from sinking into the ocean, keeping the entire city running whilst the rest of you...”flail of a hand, “Do whatever it is you do when we’re not saving the universe from winking out of existence.”

“Sheppard got a new movie disc.”

Barely an eye roll at his tirade.

He did not feel his heart skip a beat. He did not get excited and almost drop the precious data pad. He did walk a little faster to reach Ronon though.

“Please tell me it’s not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? No, no please tell me it’s NOT Spiderman 3. I hear it was a complete disaster. No surprises there. I mean a...”

“He said something about 300.”

“Oh god please! You military types, don’t you get enough blood and violence in your day jobs?”

“Sometimes we do night missions.” Dead pan.

“You know what I mean! So if that’s what playing count me out. Some of us have work to do. Endless work to ensure your sorry...Yes. What?”Snapping.

Ronon wasn’t letting him get past. Arms crossed over his chest.

“What, what! Why aren’t you...”

No response accept smiling. Which was frightening enough as it was but...oh!

“Unless...”Wary. “Unless that’s not...oh...oh my God!”Breathing heavy. “The third one!”Half hope, half awe.

“People on a pirate ship.”

Rodney’s knees almost gave out. He was always so weak for the blonde ones, and sassy and smart mouthed...

“You coming?”

Ronon was already walking away. Rodney’s legs refused to keep up. He just had to remind them of Keira in a pirate outfit, smart mouth...Or maybe reminding himself was actually the problem.

“Oh my god you really did it!”

“Hello to you too Rodney.”

Sheppard had the file paused on the opening scene. Smirking at Rodney from the couch in his quarters. Ronon was already sinking into the far corner or the couch, leaving the middle the only option.

“But...but you...it’s not even out yet!”

His voice was rapidly rising to piercing. John looked pained, making hushing motions and waving him inside. Teyla wasn’t in sight.


“Mainland.”Ronon answered before he could start talking again, already wrist deep in brand new caramel butter popcorn.

Rodney made a helpless moaning sound he refused to acknowledge.

“Sit.”John patted the empty seat between. “I’m starting...”

Rodney was in seated in record time.

“Now hand over the...”reaching towards Ronon’s bowl.

Ronon growled, scowled and hugged the bowl against his chest.

“Oh for...”John held his own bowl out to Rodney.

Rodney tried to alleviate it from Johns hold. John simply glared and held on. Looking aggrieved Rodney took two fist fulls and turned to the screen. He opened his mouth...

“No talking.”Ronon was scary when he used that voice.

“All comfy?”John held the remote now.

Rodney glanced at Ronon, thought better of speaking and simply nodded, fingers jamming sticky popcorn into his mouth.


The movie started.

It was obvious Ronon liked these kind of movies. Swords, violence, fighting in general. Not enough not to notice Rodney’s hand as it sneaked towards his pop corn though. It really didn’t matter, John was always there a second later, blindly pushing his bowl at Rodney in the dim light. Screen flickering over his face as he grinned. And caramel butter. What on Earth, Atlantis, anywhere. What more could he want? Well maybe...but anyway Keira in a pirate outfit. Stupid angsty boyfriend, fiancé whatever and Capt’n Jack Sparrow. Not a life sucking alien in sight.

Ronon’s arm was warm, creeping over his shoulder, down his side.

“Eat your own damn pop corn.” John’s voice lashing out into darkness.

All Rodney was thinking was warm and Ha! That’ll teach you not to share!

“Ate it all.”Quiet, hand questing some more.

“Well that’s just too bad then.”Drawling.

“You still have some left.”

“No thanks to you. You didn’t even share with McKay.”

“It tastes good.”

“I know.”

He was missing the huge angst scene for this?! Which was fine cause he wasn’t really a giant teenage girl but...Ronon’s other arm was reaching across his front now, and John was moving the pop corn bowl all the way to the other side of the couch. Where he couldn’t reach it!

“Oh for gods...”Slapping at Ronon’s arms. Knowing better than to push at his body. He was just too big, too strong. “Will you two stop! You’re missing the ang...I mean the movie. You’re missing the fighting and the swords and the...”

“Did you just say angst?”John’s dead pan drawl wasn’t even trying for deceptive.

“What’s angst?”Ronon’s hand had stopped moving towards the pop corn, but they were still holding...no, no surrounding. There was definitely no holding going on in darkened rooms here.

“Something only teenage girls worry about.”John threw a hand full of pop corn into his mouth smirking.

A long pause as Ronon still didn’t move. Rodney wondered if a polite ‘get off’ would give the wrong impression? Because really, getting off was the last thing, or maybe the first thing he was thinking about.

“Rodney’s too old to be a teenager.”

“There see...hang on!”squawk of indignation. “Did you just call me a girl?!”

Turning to...oh...close...and mouth, sweet warm breath, feral grin. Suddenly hard to swallow. And breathe.

“Sheppard called you a girl. I just said you weren’t a teenager.”

“Yes yes very...”Gulping cause warm and close and he was so, so not thinking about lips and kissing and... “Very funny now could you...yes...” Because Ronon was slowly leaning back. “Now can we just...”

Then bristles, rough around his mouth, mouth which was...oh...oh god...gasp. Tongue, soft pressure, pushing inside, sliding out, probing deeper on the next run. Lips moving, warm and caramel butter slick. Moaning and loud. Flailing hands finding shoulders. Pulling closer, pushing away, he didn’t know which just Oh God! Tongue roaming like it owned the place, sliding across his. Kissing hungry...oh god, oh god, oh...hand digging into his neck, holding, pulling him in. Mouth hard, kiss gone feral and possessive. Then gone. Suddenly gone.

“What the hell!”John was frozen behind him. And he was panting, clinging to Ronon’s shirt.

“What the hell was that?!”

“Tastes like popped corn.”Ronon sounded so sure, satisfied.

Gasping sounds. Oh. That was him.

“Well if you wanted it that badly!”snarling now.

“Is this a problem?”low, suddenly dangerous.

“No.” A breath. “No. I just...I mean seriously...what the hell?”

“Is this a problem?” Ronon was demanding now.

A deep breath, long pause.

“No.” At last. Quiet. Calm. “Just unexpected. Sorry. Sorry I just...”

“Didn’t expect it?” Rodney tried helping.

Nodding sounds.

“Yeah.” Soft, quiet.

Then a hand sliding and...and that wasn’t Ronon.

“I’d just hoped...”

Rubbing up his thigh.

“Was hoping you shared sex better than food.”

Soft growl as Rodney started to moan. John’s hand having moved a little further up his thigh, heading straight for his cock.

Ronon surged forward and suddenly Rodney was trapped. Between a much, much closer John and heavy warm and hard Ronon who was grabbing, forcing Rodney’s head back onto John’s shoulder as he kissed John. Fierce, hot, hard and John’s hand faltered, distracted then finally went back to work groping. Rubbing, stroking, sliding inside his pants, pulling his cock out. Rodney arched, groaning, clearly losing his mind because Ronon...Ronon and John...and John had found a rhythm. Slow up, rub the head, fast down. Making Rodney buck, moan, gasp. Then Ronon started to help. Warm, huge hand stroking down. Starting with his chest. One hand splayed could touch both nipples which were pointed, sensitive...while John had stopped to play with his balls. Gently rubbing, softly stroking around down further...moan.

“What...what are you?”

Gasping then lips, bristles again but warm, slick lips and tongue teasing, tasting. Moaning right into him. Hot breath. Huge finger rolling over a hard nipple, making him whimper, forget to care about why and...slick skin. Ronon...Ronon’s cock out. Rubbing against his, rocking.

“Yeah, just like that.”John’s voice, hoarse hot whisper inside his ear, gripping them together. Low growl that went straight to his own cock. Which was...groaning. The how was starting to become an issue. But Ronon just kept kissing, fierce little battles while he rocked, rubbed. And then his hand was gone, making John gasp, hot and heady right into Rodney’s ear.

“God yeah. Fuck Ronon. Just like that, right there. Fuck!” Hissing out hot little moans and words.
John was rocking too now, right up against Rodney. And when had that happened? John’s cock out and right up against his lower back.

His mouth broke free, gasping for air. Ronon didn’t seem to mind, just set to attacking John’s mouth. Still rocking, still rubbing. Hands busy now, just John’s hand. Faster, stroking, definitely faster. Ronon was moaning, making half growl sounds.

“Like this Rodney? Like..”
“No talking.”

And Ronon was at his mouth again, abusing his lips with teeth and tongue, his hips grinding closer. So, so...he was getting closer, closer to...

“I know you like it...know you’re enjoying this.”

Sneaky hand back and tightening, feeling Ronon’s hand speed up on John’s cock, making him gasp, moan into Rodney’s ear again.

“God so hot, gonna...soon...”another moan. “Really, really...soon.” Hot whine. “Fuck Ronon! Please, Jesus just...fuck, fuck...yes...yes...”

And Rodney felt it. Hot and wet, sliding over his back, seconds before Ronon started grinding in earnest, making his own cock jump, throb, pulse then spill. Ronon’s contribution splashing over his skin too. Hot, wet. And oh god. He was such a mess.

John’s hand was lazily sliding through it all, stroking over his sensitive skin, softening cock.

“Did we do it right?”Ronon sounded so unsure, so far away, leaning over Rodney, barely visible in the half light.

Rodney wanted to and suddenly realized he could. Reaching up and touching his shoulder, looking for skin. Finding dreads, pulling gently till lips, finally warmth, connection in the dark. Kissing soft, wanting to...he wanted to say something, anything.

“Perfect.” As Ronon slowly pulled away, lower body collapsing, weight warm.

John’s hips twitched against his back and he couldn’t help but look, head falling back and Hot. Hard kiss, teeth, tongue, soft bite then flash. A tease of tongue. Lips, gasp groan. He tasted different. Still like caramel butter but...John. Tasted like John. Mouth slowing, easing off. Slower. Lazy. Till he finally pulled back.

“That’s perfect.” Slightly breathless.

“Well aren’t we conceited.”

Hand slapping his shoulder.

“You’re an ass Rodney.” Snarking.

“Can we go to bed now?”Ronon was still unsure.



John snorted.

“Good thing we’re all guys.”

“I could go again.”Ronon didn’t sound so unsure now.

“Show off.”John was grousing.

“Maybe we should put the old man to bed.”Rodney smirked.

John protested.

“You couldn’t go again either.”Ronon added.

“Get off me!”Rodney was pushing, muttering “Traitor!”

Ronon stretched.

“Well I am younger.”

John and Rodney glared.

“Just saying.”

“Do you want the couch?”John snarked.

“You know what I want.” Suddenly serious.

“And...”Rodney’s mouth was suddenly dry. “That would be?”

“Both of you. Together. With me.”

Rodney tried to breathe. Failed.

“Don’t over think it Rodney.”John sounded calm. “Just go with it. I want the same things. The two of you. Together. I suspect you want the same thing, or you would have left a long time ago.”

Breathe. Just breathe. Long silence.

“I’ll leave.”Ronon sounded...sad, lost, unsure again, disappointed.

“Don’t...I...I do...want this...and us...two...three...oh god...”

“Don’t freak out now Rodney. Just...just go with it. It was good right? You liked it yeah?”

“It was hot! Who wouldn’t want you two?”

Ronon was suddenly close enough to touch again, heat radiating. What was he? A heater set to roast me?

“So you want us? Together?”

A gulp.

“Yes. Yes I believe I already said that!”snapping.

“No. You didn’t. But you have now.” John was sliding in behind him. “So I think it’s time for bed.”

His hands sliding around Rodney’s waist, chin resting on his shoulder. Ronon’s hands smoothed down his arms.

“Yes bed...”suddenly nervous.

“It’s alright Rodney, I won’t let the oh so young man molest you.”

“Me?”And Ronon actually sounded innocent. A long pause then, “I don’t have to stay, I can...”

“Ronon I was kidding. I want you here, Rodney wants you here. We want you here. Get in the damn bed!”Impatient.

“You’re really good at this emotional stuff.” Rodney was mocking him.

“Oh shut up! You can get into the bed too.”

“Giving orders already. Let me guess where this is going.”Pulling away.

“Rodney.”Exasperated. “I didn’t mean it like that. I just...”

“What?” Facing him now, arms folded across his chest. “What exactly? You just need to be in charge cause you’re a Lieutenant Colonel?”

“No. Rodney come on. That isn’t what this is.”

Rodney’s feet got wider apart and Ronon read all the signs of a fight brewing. He guessed this was why they hadn’t gotten even this far before, because they spent a lot of time snarking, ie flirting and touching, even if it was subtle and within their narrow social rules.

“Can we fight later?”Calm.

He really wanted to touch Rodney, make him calm down, make him realise John was just having his own style of freak out. John...John he just wanted to bend over the bed and fuck. He had a feeling it was the only way he’d understand that he was serious. He wanted them both and was willing to give John whatever he needed, even if he wouldn’t ask for it.
They both blinked at him.

“Can we sleep now?”Hopeful.

“I don’t see why not.”

“Accept the beds too small.”John’s voice was so quiet.

They all stopped to stare at John’s single bed. Barely big enough to fit a full grown man. Single man. Let alone three. Especially when one of them was Ronon and larger than the other two.

“Don’t you ever read your email!”Rodney stalked towards the bed, knelt and started pulling levers, pushing hard knobs. The bed got bigger. But only big enough for two.

“That’s...pretty cool Rodney, but it’s still...you know.”Small hand gestures. “And...”He gestured at Ronon.

“So we get another bed!” Rodney looked triumphant.


“There’s one across the hall.” Ronon offered.

“What? Why?”

Ronon shrugged.

“Moved three weeks ago.”

“And you would notice why?”

“I was thinking of moving in.”

John blinked. Rodney stared, paused.

“So we steal the bed?”Hopeful.

“Well I...don’t see why not.”

“I’ll get some tools, you two get the bed.”

Then he was out the door.

John watched him go...and hoped no one noticed the suspect stains all over his shirt. He groaned.

“Do you want the other bed?”Ronon was watching him closely.

He nodded.

“Yeah. I...I do.” Pause whilst he watched Ronon. “Do you think it’ll fit?”

“We could find out.”Neutral.

“I want to find out Ronon. I do...I just...” Biting his lip, thinking.

“You two think too much. Help me get the bed.”

And he strolled out the door. John would either help or he wouldn’t. That was up to him.
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