08 June 2006 @ 09:02 pm
Title: Mate?!?!
Author: MoonAssassin
Pairing: Rodney/Ronon
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Wish I owned them, I don’t though.
Warning: Slash, but that really doesn’t count now does it. ~_^
Word Count: 613 Words
Summary: The fact that Rodney went to sleep alone was nothing new, waking up to a large warm body wrapped around him after doing so was though.
Author’s Notes: I went to sleep last night with the thought that Ronon would sneak into someone's bed. This story doesn't really have a point/plot. I just wrote it because I felt like it. I plan to start writting 'real pieces' later.
Also: I don’t have a beta reader for SGA fandom yet. So Unbeta’ed.

The fact that Rodney went to sleep alone was nothing new, waking up to a large warm body wrapped around him after doing so was though. Rodney tried to shift his position and see who would even attempt such a bold move however the body pulled him closer. Rodney now was not only trapped but he has a suspiciously male-like organ poking him. Shoving his elbow back hard as he could Rodney heard a distinct grunt that he would have recognized anywhere.

“What the hell are you doing you Neanderthal!?!?!” Rodney screeched not only piercing the offender’s eardrums but waking him up completely.

“Shut up McKay” Ronon growled towards Rodney’s direction before promptly sticking his head under one of the several pillows that were on Rodney’s bed.

“I will not shut up you oversized gorilla! Why are you in my bed?” Rodney questioned getting ready to start on a full fledged rant if he did not get an answer to his liking, and soon.

Ronon simply growled at this before flinging the pillow off his head and towards the floor. Grabbing Rodney and flipping on top of him before Rodney reflexes could even act; Ronon leaned down and kissed him.

When Ronon finally let Rodney up for air, the first thing that started to bubble to Rodney’s lips was a long list of insults aimed at a certain dreadlocked Satedan. Seeing this coming Ronon quickly intervened by pressing his lips, once again, against McKay’s. When Ronon let go of Rodney’s lips this time, he made sure that he spoke before Rodney could get a word in edgewise. Also the fact that Ronon was holding his hand over Rodney’s mouth didn’t hurt either.

“Now, will you shut up and listen or will I have to shut you up myself again?” Ronon half questioned, half growled out.

Rodney pressed his lips firmly shut against the palm over his mouth and nodded his head slowly.

“Good.” Ronon began. “Now back on Sateda, when a warrior hits his 30th year he goes into what your people like to call ‘heat’. During ‘heat’ the warrior instinctively seeks out his mate, he has only one mate in his entire life. It would seem that you are mine. Do you understand?” At the end of this Ronon pulled his hand away from McKay’s face so that he could speak.

“Just because you have some freakish mating instinct does not mean that I will willingly fall into your arms just because you sneak into my bed you lowly…Mmph!” Rodney cut off as Ronon’s had was placed over his mouth again.

“If it had not reciprocated in some way, my body would have simply shut down.” Ronon said while looking Rodney directly in the eyes. “You can complain all you want McKay. It won’t change a thing. Once the bond has been created it cannot be destroyed.”

“Mmph…” Rodney’s words were muffled by Ronon’s hand.

“What? Oh.” Ronon pulled his hand away.

“Bond!?!?” Rodney screeched, his voice rising higher on each syllable. “How can we have a bond? WE HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING!”

“It starts to forms over the feelings being sent and reciprocated. It won’t be fully formed till the relationship has been consummated.” Ronon explained sounding exasperated.

“Now if you wish me to leave and act if this never happened say so now” Ronon said while moving off Rodney to sit up.

“I…Never Mind” Rodney started then gave up.

Ronan gave him a feral grin before promptly pushing Rodney back down.

“Good. I was hoping you would say that” Ronon whispered against Rodney’s neck while blowing a stream of air against it. Rodney shivered in delight.

“Now the fun can really begin” Ronon declared.

The End!

*smirks* I'm evil to cut off there.

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yes you are!

that's really cute and now I want more!
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I would love to see everyone else reaction to the mating. LOL!
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Ohhh hysterical.
Now if we would only see what others in Atlantis will think of this mating.

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oh yes me like this
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Oh yes. More mating please :) Me like...