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mcdex's Journal

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Rodney McKay & Ronon Dex
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Welcome to mcdex!

This community is dedicated to the slash pairing of Dr. Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex from the Sci-Fi series Stargate Atlantis.
Anything McKay/Dex-related is welcome, especially fanfiction, recs, icons, wallpapers, original art, and discussion of slashy moments in the TV series.

A few things:

[X] The LJ-cut is your friend. Use it!
Use it when your post is long, graphic-heavy and/or spoilery!
[X] Everything NOT McDex related does not belong here. Simple, eh? Stories/Artwork featuring only one of them are welcome, too, though.
[X] Please include ratings whenever you post a story or artwork here, and also when you post a link to stories in your own journal or in other communities.
Rating system: G, PG, PG13, R, NC17, NC21 or Kids, Teen, Adult, Mature Adult
[X] Please use the community's tags when you post!
[X] Flamers will be handled accordingly - they're going to be grilled since they obviously love to play with fire. Do not flame or insult!
[X] Have fun!

Your mods severusslave and scribewraith

Our affiliates:

[X] rockett_ship - Dex/Beckett
[X] parrish_lorne - Parrish/Lorne
[X] zedexa - Dex/Zelenka
[X] beckett_grodin - Beckett/Grodin
[X] sheppardzelenka - Sheppard/Zelenka
[X] atlantean_three - McKay/Emmagan/Beckett

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